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What is a Respiratory Gating System?

Respiratory Gating System is essential to both imaging diagnoses and radiation therapy.

In the imaging diagnoses, the respiration-gated image provides the blur-corrected image, and in the radiation treatment it minimizes the area of the treatment target tumor which moves due to patient respiration.

In 1989, a collaboration with the University of Tsukuba Hospital, Japan, developed the world's first Respiratory Gating System.

The Anzai AZ-733V, a world-standard model of the Respiratory Gating System, was launched with the “ANZAI BELT” as the respiratory sensor.

Introduced in 2014, the newest model, AZ-733VI, with additional safety function and a new type of respiratory sensor, the “Laser Sensor“.

Today, 2,500+ Anzai Respiratory Gating systems are in clinical use worldwide.

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