Diagnositc Phantom QA and QC and Immaging

Pro-Project , Diagnomatic

Pro-Project was established in 1991. Many years of experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in industrial and medical imaging as well as radiotherapy equipment helped us develop and manufacture a wide range of quality assurance devices (phantoms) along with supporting applications and services.

Crystal Photonics GmbH

The Crystal Photonics GmbH is a highly specified manufacturer of detector systems and miniaturised nuclear radiation detectors for medical- and industrial measuring technology, research, environmental protection and defence. We connect successful decades of experience in crystal processing with our competence of using nuclear radiation detectors in wide spreading application fields.

⠀Ashland  inc

Gafchromic™ films are designed to provide fast and highly accurate measurements for radiology QA applications. Radio Therapy measurement and QA , and blood safety  .

With Film QA software, dosimetry measurement and QA procedure can be more advanced and easier .

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