Radiation Protection


RadPro International GmbH is a company based in Germany and founded in 2003. As worldwide distributor we provide RADOS TLD systems (RE-2000 TLD reader) of our partner Mirion Technologies and TLD material of our partner Radcard, manual TLD Reader (TLDcube) and OSL reader (myOSLraser) of our partner Freiberg Instruments as well as further TL/OSL products and other radiation protection equipment.


Ludlum Measurements, Inc. designs and manufactures radiation detection instruments and technologies. Founded in 1962, they offer a large array of radiation detection instrumentation, developed to help monitor the safety of personnel and the environment. Ludlum instruments are used in applications throughout the Middle East, such as routine personnel and material monitoring, border security, and emergency response situations. Ludlum Measurements is committed to making the world a safer place to live and work by providing affordable, dependable, and durable equipment.

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